Text 10 Oct 19 notes random mumblings from the Kirk

some of the things I don’t like that people talk to me about is genitals. Like, they’re all “I don’t know if I could date a transguy” (if they’re into cisguys) because they just really like penis.

and i’m sitting there like fuck you too.

or like

when people talk about how they’re just not into girls or they almost had a girlfriend and i’m just like

cool. i’m not a girl.



can u not.

or when people ask me if i’m gonna like boys OR girls post-everything.

Who the fuck knows? I don’t know. Some days I don’t think I could date a cisguy because he’d want to stick his penis in me and i have weird hang-ups about penises because of my abusive ex boyfriend and how he made me blow him and swallow and just ugh.

do not want.

but i also really like cisguys and snuggling and stuff with them. idk.

but then there are girls and girls are awesome too and i like breasts and i know how vaginas work because duh.

and the girls i’ve been into have been pretty awesome and stuff but yeah.


i still get the sense that when my binder comes off they’re gonna see me as a girl.


no. stop.


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    I’m just tired of queer people being treated like one of us represents all of us. Like. Some trans* people, you can’t...
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    It’s still a bit better than people saying I don’t date dykes or some shit like that. But the girl thing is highly dumb....

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